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It's early afternoon..and after using these lipsticks for so many projects and casual looks,I feel like they have truly earned this review.

The shades,first off,are limited.I thought I should point that out,but if you're a big fan of soft pink and deep,dark red & berry shades,I think you'll be delighted.

I currently own :

Shade 107 - Wine. ~

Shade 111 - Kiss of Life. ~

Shade 101 - Soft Pink. ~

Links to the lipsticks - http://www.superdrug.com/search?q=kate+moss+lasting+finish

They certainly didn't scrimp on the packaging.It's got a certain luxurious feel to these holders,with the mysterious red hue and subtle black cursive.Sporting the typical Rimmel crown emblem on the slanted lid,these holders add a touch of elegance,to something which could otherwise be average.

Rimmel have lived up to their promises again - The term 'Lasting' does not count for nothing.I tested these lipsticks one by one and all were fabulously long wearing.I managed to get up to 13 hours of wear on them,though of course they had faded significantly by the time the last hour came.Where the colour is richest,is between hours 1 - 6,meaning I only had to re-apply once in the entire college day.

The company have boasted of the lipsticks being 'comfortable to wear' and I can only back up their bold statement.The lipsticks are creamy in texture and very moisturising for matte shades.Easy to apply,with a second skin kind of feeling - Rimmel has ticked all the right boxes so far.

There is,as I can see,only one very insignificant downside to the collection.Either a misprint has occured,or Rimmel simply have not put the names of each lipstick bar one (Kiss of Life) on the bottoms,which can be slightly annoying as a beauty blogger since it piles the research load.But still,if you're only looking to buy for quality of product,this is a great line.One other bugbear could be the limited range of colours for some.

Overall I see very little flaws in this collection.I am very much impressed with the claims that have been fulfilled by Rimmel and I hope to see this standard of quality carried on through other lines.Well done Rimmel & Kate Moss!

I bought this travel sized tube of the famous Hand Food by Soap&Glory just over a week ago,as a pick-me-up for the long journey to France.I was more than impressed by this lotion and I've tested it thoroughly enough to write this review,so here goes!
First off,this product is branded as "the most astonishing hand cream ever".It contains extracts of Shea Butter,Macadamia oil and even Marshmellow!

The smell is rather heavenly and true to it's promise,the lotion is definately non-greasy.The product makes skin appear smoother and is touchably softer after having the lotion applied.After a little while of rubbing it in,it sinks into the skin and moisturises beautifully!

The packaging is fun too! I love the pink shade which Soap&Glory have chosen to use on alot of their products,including the Righteous Butter and Hand Maid.The tube is simple enough.
I bought the 50ml which cost only £2.50 from Boots.

Overall,I love this lotion more than any other lotion I've ever used! It made my skin supple and freshened me up with the delicate,feminine scent.

Have you tried this lotion?

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After featuring these lipglosses in a few of my videos,I decided that I'd tested them well enough to write up a review!
So here it is.

The two shades which I purchased from this range of Collection 2000 lipglosses so far are as followed :

- Star (01) Right on the picture.

- Glimmer (03) Left on the picture.

These little 6ML beauties have everything you need built in for lipglossing in the dark,as far as I'm concerned! They're fairly pigmented with a range of mostly pinky nude shades,excluding Glimmer.

The application is smooth and I really appreciate the mirror attached at the side and was pleased to find that they came with a protector to stop the problem smudgy finger marks in the shop.The packaging is a nice weight and they're easily compact - not a problem to carry around in the handbag at all!

I got these two on sale for £2.00 at ASDA in the Collection 2000 section.The applicator is a typical doe-foot and excess gloss is usually eradicated by the plastic insert at the top of the column,in the same way mascara excess is lessened.

I can only see one problem with this product..and that is the light.Glimmer's light seemed to be a bit faulty and only turns on every so often.The light on Star is very bright though so I don't think that the fault in Glimmer took away from the actual gloss.

The glosses are rich and can be a little sticky if they are slathered on but using the product sparingly still gives the desired effect and no coloured teeth!

Overall I like these lipglosses very much although the range of colours is pretty limited.I would not consider purchasing more than two of these,Glimmer and one other.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

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This Toner has changed my way of makeup living.I'm quite a newbie to the world,so I dont know all the tricks and hints yet..but this..this has been quite a find!

So firstly..love the packaging! Although the little flip-top lid can be a little bit annoying and tend to squirt product across the room ( Fifty Shades reference. :P )

The greeny colour of the plastic bottle gives off the fresh appearance that we all value so much.I got mine for a steal too,only £2.00 from ASDA.The liquid is very light and gives off a nice tingle,with the aid of Salcylic Acid to calm down redness and improve the number spots/whiteheads.

So now onto the results of the Toner.I've been using this one for about a month now and I LOVE it.I use it after removing my makeup,and I apply it with a cotton pad,all over the face.I do this twice - once for pore unclogging and the second for any missed impurities.I'm then able to let it settle and cool my skin down.It's definately been helping with the amount of spots I tend to get during summer nowadays!

The scent of this product is fragrant and airy..a real winner to me! So overall,I love this product very much..
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So,I popped into Truro city today,intending to set up a savings account,and came away spending more money than I had originally planned.Oh well,it was all worth it.
I'm now firmly hooked on Real Techniques brushes,starting off with the Blush Brush -

It's so..fluffy!

I love how soft the bristles are,and I'd heard of the brushes themselves through Pixiwoo on Youtube,seeing as they're part of her range.The price was great considering how expensive some makeup brushes can be,and how some turn out to be great disappointments.At £9.99 GB,it's quite a nice size too,so you can really feel that you're going to get your money's worth.The handle is quite ergonomic and sports the typical 'girlie' pink shade,as a bonus!

This one will take pride of place in my allocated 'large brush pot'.It's so hard not to keep reaching for it,just to touch the soft brush!
Now it's time to grab some more,conveniently since they're sold at my local Boots shop.

x ~ x

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